J.Cole Says Jay-Z Crowned His Album As ‘A Classic’

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It’s always good when the boss gives you kudos on a job well done. In J. Cole’s case, he just got the ultimate cosign. Jay-Z, the head honcho over at Cole’s label Roc Nation, was quoted as even calling his debut a classic.

He told Rap-Up that: “When I played him the album, I could gauge his response not on what he said, but what his vibe was. I linked up with [Roc Nation executive] Rich Kleiman and he said he was with Jay-Z later that night. Out of nowhere, Jay said, ‘So Cole got a classic. That motherfucker.’”

The album is 99% complete as of last Friday, with only interludes, tweaking, and features to be possibly added, according to Cole. Of course he’s waiting for that main feature, Hov himself.

“The whole world knows that J. Cole is waiting on a Jay-Z verse, but if it don’t happen, it don’t happen,” he says.”But how ill is it that the album is called The Sideline Story, which is a metaphor for me trying to get off the bench, and I’m waiting for the nod from the coach?”

Can’t wait to see if this debut gives us what we’re expecting from it. Yo Hollywood Cole, your time is now. —Keenan Higgins

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