‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: DTF Twin Robberies, Ron x Sam Back On Again, Did Snooki Cheat?

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There was way too much going on in last night’s episode but it’s about time! Why else would we watch Jersey Shore if not for the drama?

How awesome was the robbery action last night? It was the most epic DTF participant thiefing caper that we’ve seen in all seasons of the show thus far. Deena stole one of The Situation’s stalker twins and canned his plans for a threesome but then Vinny stole the twin from Deena when she left their room. When Deena returned and found the pair making out, she demanded that the twin get back in her bed, which was obliged. But then Deena decided that she wasn’t up for pretending to be a lesbian so she freed twin-DTF, who went back to Vinny. And that’s how the world’s most complicated hook up/robbery went down.

Ronnie and Sam got back together…again (sigh). We saw that one coming but dreaded it. And now that it’s here we have to accept it and anticipate when that bomb is going to explode. Let the count down begin…

Meanwhile The Situation claims he hooked up with Snooki and that she cheated on Jionni, the love of her life, with him. Snooki says it didn’t happen and that he made up the lie because he wants to be with her. It’s hard to say who’s telling the truth but we’re more inclined to believe Snooki. Snooki is usually honest about her hook ups while The Situation is known to stir up drama if he can’t get his way.

*Here’s an observation from the peanut gallery: No one would have ever known this (at least until after filming) had Ronnie just kept The Sitch’s secret safe. But as soon as Ronnie got back with Sam he turned into a gossiping hen. Anyone else notice that?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Who’s real and who’s fake in the case of Snooki versus The Situation?