Kid Fury’s Blog: Wild Ass Wednesday


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J. Cole & Rihanna
Mediafakeout and Hustler Entertainment lit up blogs yesterday with trash reports that Rihanna and J. Cole had a sextape on the verge of leaking. Since then, both artists have denied such a thing exists.

Although it sounds like a clip worth stocking up on Jergens, I don’t see these two smashing there yellow treats together in my mind. Jermaine doesn’t fit the double-ended dildos and duct tape image that I get from Rih-Rih. I’m sure Chris was into it…and Drake will probably do anything to caress those Bajan booty cheeks. Horrible story!

Kreayshawn & MTV
Yesterday, MTV Style released news that Julie Anthony (aka Kreayshawn) will be hosting the Red Carpet Report for Sunday’s VMAs. As young chick who has a funky style and a slick mouth, that ought to be interesting.

It’s nice to see her clinging on to jobs that don’t require rapping. I’d love to see her start a clothing line, make an indie film, and serve free samples at Cajun Grill before the year ends.

Steve Jobs & Apple
My imaginary white mad scientist uncle, Steve Jobs, has stepped down as the CEO Apple Inc., with their old operations chief, Tim Cook, taking his place. Now folks are worried about the future of Apple.

Uncle Steve was basically the Emmett Brown of this tech shit, but I love him just the same. They better run me my iPhone 5, though. I’m sick of this waiting shit.

Lil Wayne & Jay-Z
This Carter vs Carter battle is more exciting than photos of Amber Rose’s vaginal reupholstery and Kim Kardashian’s publicity marriage combined! Should Jay-Z respond to Wayne’s diss? Should Beyoncé send Solangé and Cousin Angie on a mission to fade? Will Drake soak Marvin’s furniture in tears if Hov replies to this? Should Kanye jump into the fray? Where is Memphis Bleek?!

It’s still kind of early, but this could shape up to be a very interesting moment in Hip-Hop! And to think this is all started from a small disagreement of which once penniless Negro is now richer than the other. Meanwhile, Top Ramen is still five for a dollar and I happy as fuck about it!