Kreayshawn Denies Dissing Rick Ross: ‘I Don’t Do That Personally’


Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn found herself catching some heat over some bars she dropped while freestyling live on radio with DJ Cosmic Kev. On The Come Up Show with the Philly DJ, Krea spit “You tryin’ to play me like a boss? You faker than Rick Ross,” leaving many to think she was dissing Rozay. But the fair skinnned spitta told a different story to MTV.

“I feel like with anything, you’re painting a picture. I’ve never, ever intentionally dissed anybody my whole career, and I don’t do that personally with friends either,” the Bay Area rapper said. “I’m not like a person to go against anyone or anything. So hey, no offense to you Rick Ross. There’s no Rick Ross offensive things going on in there, even though it sounds like it.”

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