Laurieann Gibson: “Because Of Gaga’s Trust In My Gift, She Is #1”


From UPTOWN– Laurieann Gibson knows how to “give it.” Similar to Madonna cooing “Rita Hayworth gave good face,” on her iconic hit “Vogue”, Gibson gives what she terms “boomkack”: a peculiar blend of high-spirited energy (that’s infectious to all surrounding her) and a masterful level of dance skill matchless to most in her field. And because this native Canadian, whose new competition reality show, Born to Dance, debuted on BET this week, believes whole-heartedly in her talent, the world is now obsessed with another pop producing diva who instead of sporting Gaultier cone-bras crisscrosses the globe, sporting body appendages and preaching the importance of individuality and acceptance.

Yes, according to Gibson, she is the reason Lady Gaga, as an entity, exists.

Such an assertion, of course, is read with a raised brow and an up-to-bat scoff, but after listening to Gibson’s tales and testimony (full of faith and love for God), one may believe Gaga is the lucky one. Not vice-versa.

Back when “Gags” (as Gibson refers to her, pronounced ‘Gawgs’), was merely another wannabe star performing for free atop sticky bars in seedy, East Village clubs, Gibson supposedly looked out in the crowd of disinterest and declared that Gaga would sell 10 million albums. Those that laughed then may be the same ones now blowing up Gibson’s iPhone which is at a constant abuzz or buying the records of the artists she guides—aside from Gaga—as a Creative Director for music label behemoth Interscope Records. Such is the life of this reality show star and self-professed architect of the world’s latest blonde ambition.

Lady Gaga’s success has brought you to the forefront, wouldn’t you say?

I have been choreographing and creative directing before her. She is a result of all that I have done.  But, yes, as a result of [her] positioning, people have come to know my name.

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