Laz Alonso Chats ‘Breakout Kings’ Season 2, New Movie, ‘Jumping The Broom’ On DVD


The Urban Daily caught up with the hunky Laz Alonso to chat about the success of Jumping the Broom (which is out on DVD), his forthcoming movie, Straw Dogs, writing his own script and the upcoming second season of Breakout Kings. Check it out:

On Jumping the Broom

First and foremost the movie was relatable. You don’t have to be one particular race or religion to understand these characters. Everyone at one point has gone to a wedding where just because two people are in love, doesn’t mean the families involved will fall in love with each other as well. Then there’s that disconnect and awkward feeling when the two families meet, which a lot of people can relate to and I think that’s what made it a universal story. On top of that the movie was funny; it was one of those magical moments when we were on set because we couldn’t keep a straight face when we were filming.

On Breakout Kings

We start shooting the new season this fall and it’s going to have really introspective storylines for each of the characters. Last season was just introducing the audience to “Breakout Kings” as a whole, what we did and how we did it together. Next season we’re going to dive into their personal lives and it’s going to be more character driven. You’re going to get a huge surprise at one point throughout the season. I know for a fact people will be shocked at some of the things the show will reveal.

His New Movie Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs is a movie that’s set down south and it’s about these guys that were once local heroes, but once they graduated from high school they were no longer the stars. Their bitterness shows up in really ugly ways towards themselves and towards each other. The film is an all out psychological thriller and it’s a very aggressive movie. My character is the moral core of the story. He’s trying to keep the peace in the town and he’s sort of a fish out of water. There are so many ironies in Straw Dogs—my character is trying to keep the peace in town and he’s just come back from fighting a war in Iraq. Rod Lurie (the director) did a really good job handling that in this movie and it will make people think.

On His Screenplay About the Earthquake In Haiti

We’re trying to get into pre-production by November, so we’re working at a furious rate right now to get the script cleaned up and get all the investors to commit. Ideally we would like to get the film into all the prestigious film festivals so that as many people will see it as possible. We don’t want to miss any deadlines. We just want to make a really good story, a human story, issues that are going on in Haiti that aren’t being publicized. Everybody needs a voice, so this movie will hopefully lend a voice, as well as inspire people.