Leonardo DiCaprio Leads Forbes List of Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actors

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Just like his pal Diddy, Hollywood stud Leonardo DiCaprio has ranked on top of Forbes Magazine Highest Paid Actors List. Leo’s income last year has been estiamted at just over $77 million, which was more than what Depp, Sandler, Smith and Hanks earned respeptively.

Currently, Forbes separates acrtresses from actors for their highly-paid lists; the actresses’ list was released earlier this summer. Were we to combine the lists, Angelina Jolie ($30 million), Sarah Jessica Parker ($30 million), and possibly Jennifer Aniston ($28 million) would’ve cracked the top 10 at eight, ninth, and tied for tenth places. – SF

1. Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 million)
2. Johnny Depp ($50 million)
3. Adam Sandler ($40 million)
4. Will Smith ($36 million)
5. Tom Hanks ($35 million)
6. Ben Stiller ($34 million)
7. Robert Downey, Jr. ($31 million)
8. Mark Wahlberg ($28 million)
9. Tim Allen ($22 million)
10. Tom Cruise ($22 million)
11. Jim Carrey ($20 million)
12. Daniel Craig ($20 million)
13. Robert Pattinson ($20 million)
14. Brad Pitt ($20 million)
15. Matt Damon ($18 million)