Leonardo DiCaprio Leads Forbes List of Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actors

Just like his pal Diddy, Hollywood stud Leonardo DiCaprio has ranked on top of Forbes Magazine Highest Paid Actors List. Leo’s income last year has been estiamted at just over $77 million, which was more than what Depp, Sandler, Smith and Hanks earned respeptively.

Currently, Forbes separates acrtresses from actors for their highly-paid lists; the actresses’ list was released earlier this summer. Were we to combine the lists, Angelina Jolie ($30 million), Sarah Jessica Parker ($30 million), and possibly Jennifer Aniston ($28 million) would’ve cracked the top 10 at eight, ninth, and tied for tenth places. – SF

1. Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 million)
2. Johnny Depp ($50 million)
3. Adam Sandler ($40 million)
4. Will Smith ($36 million)
5. Tom Hanks ($35 million)
6. Ben Stiller ($34 million)
7. Robert Downey, Jr. ($31 million)
8. Mark Wahlberg ($28 million)
9. Tim Allen ($22 million)
10. Tom Cruise ($22 million)
11. Jim Carrey ($20 million)
12. Daniel Craig ($20 million)
13. Robert Pattinson ($20 million)
14. Brad Pitt ($20 million)
15. Matt Damon ($18 million)