Lil Wayne’s Jeggings and The Policing of Black Male Style


From Coco & Creme–Last night, after being lauded as “the greatest rapper alive,” by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne took to the stage to perform “How To Love” and “John (If I Die Today)” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Immediately, Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines and blogs erupted about his outfit, namely, a pair of leopard print jeggings.

I don’t think his leggings were particularly stylish, especially the fact that they were sagging and his bright blue Polo Ralph Lauren boxers were exposed. But what disturbed me was the callous and offensive reaction to a piece of clothing. A Twitter account was created almost immediately,@Waynes_Jeggings, and people spent most of the night questioning his sexuality—ironically, more so than when he was photographed kissing Baby (which he maintains is a nod to traditional mob greetings).

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