Makeup Goddess Gucci Westman Talks New York Fashion Week


Refinery29 caught up makeup artist Gucci Westman who chatted about her role in the artistry and a few of her beauty secrets. As Revlon’s Global Artistic Director, Westman knows the in-and-outs of the industry and touched on her collaborations with designers during Fashion Week.

What do you love about collaborating with designers during Fashion Week?
“I absolutely love collaborating with designers, stylists, and hairstylists—everyone during Fashion Week and at shoots. The creative energy is amazing, and I love seeing what each person brings to the table. For the designers, it’s also so inspiring to see what they’ve worked on all season and their own inspiration behind it. Fashion Week sparks a whole new phase, and it’s just fun to get together to create the whole fantasy.”

Can’t you tell how anxious we are for NYFW?!

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