Material Girls vs. Budget Babes: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


From C+C – Since fashion was invented, there has always been the battle between the material girls vs. budget babes. Those who spend their time shopping on 5th Avenue versus those who you might find at your local mall or discount store, scouring the racks. Both contribute to the billion dollar fashion industry, but for some reason there has always been tension between the two groups.

Even when we have featured pieces here at both the low and high ends of the market, there are always the comments of “I would never shop at Forever 21? or “Who do you expect to buy a $2000 Bottega Veneta bag?”. Both brands have a legion of followers and for very good reason because they both cater to the needs of different types of shoppers. Even so, I find that certain people will always make a fuss when it comes to women who have no problem spending $1000 on a handbag, as well as those who turn up their noses at anything that doesn’t have a comma in the price tag.

I think every fashion-minded woman no matter what her budget can appreciate a beautiful design. We all know that spending tons of money on your wardrobe doesn’t make you the best dressed or give you style, but we also know that quality always trumps quantity and splurges are a necessity when purchasing investment pieces.

My solution? Let’s end the beef. Who cares if Tiffany spent on the new Louis bag what most spend on rent? Or if Michelle only shops at Rainbow because she doesn’t believe in spending over a certain amount? If it isn’t coming out of your pockets, isn’t it none of your business?

Another solution is to create a list of five of your favorite brands whether they be contemporary or high-end. Sign up for their newsletters and keep your eyes peeled on deal sites like GiltHautelook and Ideeli for when they are going on sale. Even the wealthiest shoppers use these sites for deals. Once you’ve shopped in-store and know your size, you can then stick to online shopping which saves you time and where the best deals can be found. Sample sales are also something to look out for and are great ways to get great pieces at great prices, no matter what your budget.

What do you think of material girls vs. budget babes? Can we just put it behind us or will women always be interested in what other women are spending?