Media Circus Or Blessed Nuptials? Kim Kardashian Marries Kris Humphries


Over 450 friends and family members gathered in a private mansion to witness the marriage of Kim Kardashian and her basketball beau Kris Humphries this past Saturday. Donning a Vera Wang gown and a jeweled headpiece, the bride looked beautiful. Before the wedding even started it was hard to avoid people’s Twitter excitement. But what actually was this event? A media circus or a truly wedded bliss?

As a celebrity, Kim K is used to being in the spotlight. Since her first step into the limelight via a leaked sextape with singer Ray J, she hasn’t been able to escape cameras and noisy onlookers. However, she has been a moth to the flame of fame, building a Kardashian brand that includes several reality TV shows, perfumes, clothing apparel and much more. Isn’t it fair to think this over-the-top ceremony was more of a business move than a truly blessed nuptial event? It was a fairy tale fit for a princess, yes (it was referred to as “royal” at one point), but also a media circus that may have Kimmy racking in 17.9 million just for viewers at home to see the behind-the-scenes happenings.

With such fame breaking marriages before they even get started and having the longest relationships of Tinsletown still end in messy divorces, it’s hard not to wonder why the reality star couple didn’t take a less flashy route down the aisle to really experience the moment.

Incredibly, we didn’t get a say in the matter! We are only inundated with talks form krazy Kardashian fans and are forced to sit through news segments dedicated to the event. And just in case you are drinking the kool-aid, watch the first look of that day’s business merger nuptials:

What do you think of Kim K’s wedding day? Let us know!