Men In Fashion: Model Oren Wilkes Becomes The New Face Of Nivea For Men


Rihanna has to make room on her Nivea throne for this hunk of gorgeousness. Oren Wilkes, 23-year-old model, has become the face of the brand’s men’s skincare division, and we are not made at their choice. YBF tapped the young USC graduate for a quick chat about his new gig, and umm… Rihanna! Oh, and, Vixens, he likes Sade! #Swoon…

Here’s an excerpt:

What do you look for in a significant other?

Loyalty is most important to me. I need a woman I can trust and build with. I’m single at the moment, definitely looking for something a little more serious in my next relationship.

The celeb chick you’re crushing on at this moment?

Rihanna. Hands down. I think she’s sexy and not to mention has a nice body. I recently got to see her in concert at the Staples Center, very talented I must say.

You told us you’re a music fan.  Who are the two artists you would you love to see perform together?
I’m really excited to see John Legend and Sade in concert next month. Two of my favorite artists. I grew up listening to my parents play her music, and I’ve been a fan of John Legend since he released his first album.

What’s the Nivea Men’s product you can’t live without?

The Energizing Face Scrub is AMAZING. 

So what was it like being a young black boy growing up in Japan for that many years?

My dad [James Wilkes] played pro-basketball for the Bulls and Pistons.  We went over to Japan when he decided to finish his career there.  I went to an International school though, so we spoke English. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn any other languages.  Wish I had though!

Read the full interview and see more pics at YBF!

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