Men In Fashion: Trey Songz Is The New Face Of “Rocawear Evolution” Cologne


From signing Trey Songz as the dapper face of its name all the way up to this summer’s previous Style Suite, Rocawear has been hard at work doing up its representation. Not slowing its momentum, the acclaimed urban brand is now taking things to the next level with the release of Rocawear Evolution, a sultry new fragrance for men that boasts the inviting aroma of coffee, incense woody amber and more. Yesterday (Aug 15), VIBE Vixen had the chance to sit down with Sir Songz to talk about the cologne, as well as proper aroma application and scents that women should veer far, far away from. See what the R&B heartthrob had to say below. –Stephanie Long

VIBE VIXEN: So you’re the face of Rocawear Evolution. Tell me more about the brand from your standpoint.
TREY: Well, Rocawear as a whole, not just the fragrance, [but] from being a cornerstone in the hip-hop community as far as clothing is concerned, it’s been the number one brand since in urban culture. When they decided to launch a fragrance, I signed on board. We had a conversation about the fragrance and what it would be and how it could be sent to me on the road throughout touring. It came to be something that I really liked and something that I felt like I would really wear. That was the point we reached where we said, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’

Being that you were already the face of Rocawear before, does it feel organic being in the spotlight for the fragrance?
It’s definitely natural. It was always in the conversation. It was never like something that was added on; It was something that I had to make sure I could be true to. That’s something that we talked about before even getting the clothing deal done or signing anything on paper. We talked about just being honest, and that’s what Rocawear’s about. It’s grown to be something that it totally wasn’t known for, and I think I’ve kind of done the same as far as my branding, as far as my style and fashion.

So why do you feel that you specifically fit the band perfectly?
Well I am Rocawear [laughs]. When you see Rocawear, you see me. If you look at every album up to this point every year, whether it be the notoriety, whether it be the album sales, whether it be the hit singles, there’s always been greater than the last. A lot of people don’t know that Rocawear is the number one urban clothing company, and now, stepping into this lane with such a strong fragrance early in the game, I think it’s gonna be a win-win again.

Definitely. Tell me three rules or guidelines of cologne application. How much is too much?
Oh, you never wanna do too much. Too much is when you step into the elevator and people are coughing. You need somebody around you to tell you that because sometimes you might not know. You know what I mean? I’m not perfect. Sometimes I might have sprayed once or twice too much. It smells good to you, and you’re like, ‘Shit, I’ma keep going!’ [Laughs] And spray it in the right spots, too. I spray my wrist, and I rub a little on my neck. You know, when you go and give women a hug, right there where their nose is. And when you do handshakes – I actually put a little bit on my hands, too, and I put a little lotion over it. Another guideline is uh… [Thinking] Wear Rocawear Evolution! The third and most important.

What are your favorite scents on women?
My favorite scent on a woman right now is Coco Chanel. It’s classic. It’s sweet. It’s very feminine.

What scents don’t you like on women?
What scents don’t I like on women? FUNK is a very bad scent.

I would agree [Laughs]
[Laughs] Yeah, I don’t really keep notes of the ones I don’t like.

Maybe any types of scents?
Yeah, I don’t like it to smell too sweet. I don’t like it to feel old. You know, there is an old smell. I can’t really describe the old smell.

Old as in the type of perfume your grandmother would wear, or old as in the perfume has gone stale? What do you mean?
I mean, old as in kind of like of grandma-ish. [Laughs] I think some women wear – I guess it makes them feel refined and older, I guess? [Laughs] But it’s not a good look. I don’t know the names of these fragrances that smell this way. But you know. Strong and UNNH [grunts]. How can you write that? UNNH [grunts again]. You got that? [Laughs]

[Laughing] Yeah, I got you. Is there anything else that you wanted to add?
Well, we’re here to talk about Evolution. If you’re a man of confidence, and if you’re looking to impress women and you wanna smell good yourself without doing too much or doing too little, this is the fragrance for you.