Mz Berry On Tyrese’s New Video: “I’m In The Video & I’m A Black Woman”


From Hello BeautifulIt’s no secret that Tyrese loves the ladies. With his soulful singing voice and sexy music videos, it’s safe to label Tyrese as a “ladies man”. With the release of the behind the scenes footage of his new video, “I Got A Chick” many feel as thought he’s an advocate for fair skinned women since there was little or no portrayal of black women in the video.

I recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the leading lady of Tyrese’s new video, Connie, who ironically happens to be a black woman. You may remember Connie as Mz Berry from “For The Love Of Ray J” when she won Ray J’s love. Since her debut as a reality star, Connie has taken her career to a new level. During our chat, she defended Tyrese’s video explaining that not only is she featured in the video as a black woman but there are also two other black women in the video as well! She also went on to discuss her transition from a reality star to the person she is today, her friendship with Tyrese and keeping it classy!

HB: Let’s clear the air. You are in Tyrese’s new video, “I Got A Chick” and you are indeed a black woman. After the behind the scenes footage was released, we’ve heard a lot of criticism on the video from fans who’ve said that there were no dark skinned or black women in the video. How can you explain that? What is your take on the situation? What is really going on here?

Connie: I can’t really explain what other people are saying. Everybody has their own opinion and, honestly I’ll just say right off the bat that I haven’t read any blog sites or anything on this topic. A friend of mine actually texted me and told me she saw the behind the scenes footage of the video and said I looked very pretty in my little shot! (laughing) But then she said that she read on a website that there was backlash against Tyrese because there were no black girls in the video. I was shocked! First off, it’s inaccurate because I’m in the video and I’m a black woman! Also because, there are two other African American women in the video as well. I was thinking, “Wow, that is really sad”. There is one dark skinned girl, myself and another lighter skinner girl-but yes there are black girls in the video.

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