New Video: Nikki Lynette ‘Shut the F Up Boy’


Laced in thigh-high fishnet stockings under combat boots and a  risque white blouse, Detroit emcee/singer Nikki Lynette is back with new dance riddling, upbeat visuals. The hook—which cheerfully croons, “Hey, shut the f–k up boy”—sounds catchy enough for a ‘60s jukebox doo-wop two step. Nikki opens the track welcoming listeners with the disclaimer:“I’m complicated, counter-culturally, reckless individual” and goes on to drop spicy bars about various subjects, including a love jones for Shia LeBouf and questioning of Waka Flocka Flame’s name. 

This sassy track will be featured on Nikki’s re-release of Roses N’ Guns 2: The Badder Ass Mixtape That Rocks (The Rematch). Features include Dwele, Krazyzie Bone and more!