Nicki Minaj, Joe Jonas & Sabi Give Take Us Backstage At ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour


Taking a break from rehearsals on their New Jersey stop, Britney Spears’ tour companions, Nicki Minaj, Joe Jonas and newcomer Sabi discuss the happenings behind the curtains of one of summer’s hottest attractions:

“Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of security, lots of salad and lots of cranberries and almonds, lots of dancers stretching,” Nicki Minaj jokingly tells MTV News. “There’s also a lady that comes every day and gives massages. She has like a massage chair and every time I go out there, she’s giving some bloody bloke a massage,” she continues to describe in her token British accent.

While the Young Money Queen covers the relaxing aspects of the tour, Sabi, who performs alongside Britney Spears for the pop diva’s song, (Drop Dead) Beautiful, is shocked and memorized by the time-crunching work surrounding the hours nearing show time: “It’s crazy to see how wardrobe is rushed from one location to the next, or if there’s something wrong with the shoes or there’s extra shoes and dancers need massages and the catering’s not here till 5 and we have to eat at 5 o’clock and everybody rushes to catering,” she accounted.

Joe Jonas, who exclusively joined Spears for this show in his home state, is simply elated to be her special guest, “(I’m) very excited right now. I can’t wait. Getting up on the stage felt really comfortable, so I think it’s gonna be really fun. Like everyone out there, I’m a fan of Britney, and it’s New Jersey, so it couldn’t be more perfect,” he gleefully states.

Check out the full interview to divulge further into this theatrical spectacular at MTV –Tyler McDermott