Nothing To Wear: 5 Ways to Craft a Wardrobe You Actually Like


We’ve all been there, standing in front of our ominous closet staring at our wardrobe with contempt and scorn. “Who bought all of these clothes”, you wonder. As you flick through the hangers, there isn’t a single dress, blouse or skirt and triggers the “I have to wear this” feeling.

Before you donate your wardrobe to Goodwill, step back from the clothes and breathe. Every style lover gets a case of the Nothing to Wear blues and by taking a step back to assess your wardrobe you can overcome this frantic feeling.

Here are 5 ways to take the reigns on your closet and craft a wardrobe that you love and wear over and over.

1. Assess your Wardrobe
What do you wear again and again? What piece do you love and feel the best in? Take note of what those items. Do you love wearing pretty frocks or are sharp pencil skirts more your style. Whatever you love to wear, you’ll want to build your closet around it.

2. Donate what you don’t you love.
Take out everything you haven’t worn in the past year. Does any of it still have tags on it? Sort this pile into 2 piles: things you can revamp and things you can donate. Be completely honest about what you can salvage and get rid of the rest.

3. Shop with a Purpose
Most of our “what was I thinking” items were purchased impulsively. Don’t shop when you are feeling down or feel like you have money to blow. Make a list of what your wardrobe is missing and next time you hit the stores, stick to it.

4. Experiment
The reason we get into a style rut is because we’re creatures of habit. Shake things up, mix prints with patterns, break up a set, wear a pair of heels when you normally wear flats.

5. Don’t Sweat It
At the end of the day it’s just clothes, and fashion is meant to be fun! Don’t stress over what to wear and you’ll end up wearing things that make you feel and look great!

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