Peep This: Cartoon Network’s ‘Black Dynamite’ Cartoon (Pilot)

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The Black Dynamite animated series trailer dropped some time ago but now fans can look forward to re-living the slick slang and the funky oft reoccurring “Dynamite” theme song all over again, with the actual pilot episode. For those unfamiliar with Black Dynamite, the cartoon is based on the 2009 comedy which spoofs ’70s blaxploitation films starring the title character, a Vietnam veteran, former CIA agent and skilled martial artist who vows to clean up the streets and keep dope out of the orphanage.

In the Adult Swim pilot, the series of the creators of The Boondocks successfully spin off from the movie as our butt-kickin community superhero takes on his childhood mentor and surrogate father, That Frog Kurtis, a Puppet TV educator that has turned super villain. The main character is played by original Black Dynamite lead Michael Jai White, and former movie cast members Byron Minns, Kym Whitley and Tommy Davidson. Though we have the pilot to enjoy, be prepared to hit replay because the series isn’t due to hit Adult Swim airwaves until spring 2012. Until then, stay tuned into for more on the animated series.