Quote Monster: Kelly Osbourne Calls Christina Aguilera A ‘Fat B**ch’; Says ‘She Was A C*nt To Me’

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While E!’s Fashion Police is no stranger to being a catalyst for drama (see Rihanna vs. Ciara), show co-host Kelly Osbourne took the cat fight into her own hands when it came to singer Christina Aguilera.

During the show’s taping, where they regulary take a specific celebrity and decipher that person’s outfit from a certain event, Joan Rivers felt that Aguilera looked a little too “stuffed into” a black Givenchy dress. Kelly however took things to another level when she said “Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a cunt to me. And she bought my house!”

The slander continued when she added “She called me fat for so many fucking years, so you know what? Fuck you! You’re fat too.” The two have been in a lengthy feud since 2003 when Kelly slammed Christina’s Chrismas album by saying “I’m not kidding you, I wanted to stab myself.” Christina responded in an interview with “I confronted her in person and she had nothing to say, so I dont know Kelly!

We’ll just leave this one alone. . —Keenan Higgins

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