Rebecca Black Takes Over Primetime TV, Makes Appearance On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Sure, she may have just been yanked out of school due to constant harrassament, but that isn’t stopping Rebecca Black from getting her shine.

This past Wednesday (Aug. 10) the viral YouTube star took to the stage of America’s Got Talent, performing a mash-up of “Friday” and her latest single, “My Moment.” Fully choreographed and stripped of auto-tune (whether this was a good or bad move is being left to you to decide), Rebecca  jubilantly sang and danced in bubbly RB fashion.

Last night was also the premiere of her Nightline segment, Rebecca Black: Dark Side of Fame, where Black sat down in an interview to discuss everything from cyber bullying to meeting Katy Perry for the first time on the set of “Last Friday Night.”

Love her or hate her, Rebecca is doing big things. We’re just wondering what her nect move will be.