Royce Reed Wishes Basketball Wives Portrayed More Positivity


From VIBE — Royce Reed is currently at odds with most of the Basketball Wives cast but she must be dong something right if producers keep signing her on for more seasons. Urban Daily caught up with her to talk about the show. Not only does Royce believe that she adds balance to the cast but she also hopes that they show more positive things that the women are doing, like their business endeavors. Check out snippets from the interview:

On Bringing Balance
I keep signing on because I believe the show needs some balance. Not everyone who is in or has been in this lifestyle is all about glitz & glamour 24/7. Some of us concentrate more on longevity than right now & tend to be more adventurous & down to earth than what you see from most of the other ladies on the show.

On Being Most Hated
I’m used to it honestly. I’m a tomboy. I’ve never been “friends” with a lot of females. I’m closer to dudes than I am girls. I said it on twitter the other day: 99% of the people to talk ish about me are females & 99% of the people who support me & send compliments ate dudes. Females are just negative in general it seems & it’s sad it always seems to be my African American sisters who do it the most. Rather than lifting each other up it’s always bringing someone down.

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