Salute! Artwork Designs By Riccardo Tisci Add Aesthetic To “Watch The Throne”


To be able to artistically keep up with the creative, forward-thinking minds of Jay-Z and Kanye West is a feat that most people in the music industry can’t conquer. And while rappers are anxiously awaiting their turn at the throne (or at the very least, their chance to glance at it), Creative Director of Givenchy Riccardo Tisci tackled the incredible task of designing the artwork for hip-hop’s most anticipated album Watch The Throne. Fans first got wind of the fashion and music lords teaming up with the release of  WTT single “H.A.M.” Although the song may have fallen on a few deaf ears, the artwork left Tisci and fashion fans writhing at what was to come.

Beautifully directed, Tisci didn’t disappoint fans who feasted their eyes on the album packaging in its entirety at the stroke of midnight. The visual appeal of the different pieces of art reflect the power of such a kingly collaborative album and how it changes the game. Most women who are already among the fashion fandom of Givenchy can appreciate the male-driven collabo as well, due to Riccardo’s use of rich colors and a fierceness that suits the whole aesthetic. Lately, Tisci has tapped into a feline frenzy, using animalistic energy as a muse. It’s apparent that he used that same inspiration for Jay and ‘Ye’s beastly transformations which is also featured in the artwork.

As a whole, the embossed packaging along with the high-end artwork of such a game-changing album leaves Vixens tipping their hats to the perfect marriage between fashion and music. The Throne displayed just how cohesive the two industries can be while raising the bar on hip-hop to new heights.

Check out several Tisci pieces below, and keep your eyes on the throne!