Say What?: Ice-T Jokes About Russell Armstrong’s Suicide and Basketball Wives


Twitter is a celebrity publicist’s nightmare. In the latest round of celebrities making a fool of themselves via social media, Ice-T took his regularly blunt and abrasive tweets to a new low. While some have complained about his lack of a filter before, Ice-T continues to tweet nonsense with no shame in his game. He recently tweeted:

“I’m glad your reality show is fun and positive last night one of the real house wives of Beverly Hills committed suicide.” Yes, you read right. Sensing that his callous jokes wouldn’t be well-received, he followed by saying “Bad Joke… But alotta those wives would make me consider it.”

Death jokes are rarely humorous and Ice-T’s jab certainly erred on the insensitive, offensive and heartless side.

And he kept going. He also commented on the antics of Basketball Wives in light of its reunion show, tweeting:

“Speaking on Wives shows… Are any of the ‘Basketball Wives’ even married???” “So shouldn’t it be called ‘Basketball Wives Dumped Hoes’???

Sigh. What do you think of Ice-T’s recent tweets? Are they offensive?


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