Is Scientology The Real Reason Behind The J Lo, Marc Anthony Split?

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The more rumors swirl about the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split, the more dramatic things get. This time sources are saying that the couple could not agree on whether they should teach Scientology to their twins or not. See below:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony could not agree on a Scientology education for their twins. Jennifer wants the kids to go to a school that specializes in the teachings of Scientology and Marc was against this.

Both belong to the Scientology religion, but the “American Idol” judge is much more involved than her husband. She wants her three-year-old twins, Max and Emme to go to a school where their education would revolve around the religion. Anthony does not want this type of education for the kids.

Recently, the 42 year-old star said that she wished people would get to know what Scientology is before judging it so harshly, according to TVNZ. The real celebrity face of Scientology is Tom Cruise, who has practiced this religion for a very long time.

Lopez is close friends with Cruise and Katie Holmes, who are very adamant followers of Scientology. While divorce is not going to settle the argument on where the Lopez-Anthony kids go to school, it just shows that this was another subject of stress in the couples life.

Religion differences causing discord in a marriage is not as predominate as it was decades ago, but it still happens. For this reason, along with others, many religions would frown on marrying outside your faith. This was during an era where prospective brides would need to convert to their future husband’s religion before the church would marry them.

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