Scion Launches Streaming Radio And Widget Via Facebook


Move over, Pandora. Scion just launched its brand new Scion A/V Streaming Radio, “opening a portal to rare and underground music” from metal and dance to techno, hip hop, reggae and more.

The streaming radio will be available to listeners via a convenient Streaming Radio widget, which will allow them to not only listen to music, but also share stations using basic HTML codes.

“The team at Scion A/V continues to innovate and create new contributions to the cultural landscape,” says Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions for Scion. “With the launch of the new Scion A/V Streaming Radio and the accompanying widget we are carving a new path for music fans to discover incredible content and share it effectively with others.”

You can get your Scion A/V widget now by simply visiting their Facebook page here. –Stephanie Long

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