Shaunie O’Neal: “It Doesn’t Make Sense For Meeka To Return”


“Basketball” and  “wives” are words that have been on everyone’s tongue lately. The highly-anticipated reunion show aired on Monday night (Aug. 15) which was nothing less than what fans could expect–a reminder of the spats and tiffs that took place all season long. One huge one in particular was the rift between Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman.

Shaunie O’Neal, who serves at the executive producer of the show, phoned in last Friday at Chicago’s Power 92 to discuss the conclusion of the third season and express her personal opinion of Meeka’s termination:

“She’s pretty done, yeah. Paperwork wise, it’s not official yet, but it will be soon. I mean, it didn’t work in the aspect of anybody. It makes no sense for her to come back. I hear she wants to comeback but it doesn’t make any sense,”

The ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal also confirms plans of a season four, but is not sure on who has signed their contracts. One thing we all can expect is the return of Tami Roman who is a favorite among the fans. Now that there isn’t a Meeka, maybe things will be calmer.

Are you sad to see Meeka go?