Short Hair, Don’t Care! Tips For The Newly Adopted Short Do’s


On the second week of November I sat in my hairdresser’s chair in Washington, D.C. and nearly had a panic attack when I saw her snip away at my beautiful shoulder-length locks. Large chunks of hair brushed my shoulders, chest, and neck. But when she was done, I couldn’t have felt better. I had been wearing the same hairstyle since the 9th grade of high school, and it was time for a fresh new look! After I took a super chic twitpic of myself, I realized I was going to be a permanent member of the Short Hair, Don’t Care! club.

A lot of our favorite movies have shown the women of our community chop off their luscious locks in only the most stressful of situations. How can we forget the epic scene in Waiting to Exhale when Angela Basset cut off her hair after finding out her husband cheated on her? Or one of the last scenes in the all-time favorite movie Set It Off when Jada escaped her life of crime and disguised herself by completely shaving off her box braids? We could even reference Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. having to keep up with the boisterous men of the army, she gave herself a ceasar cut in hopes to physically blend in.

Cutting your hair has gone from a sporadic action in traumatic situations, to a girly trend that even I have embraced. Being one of the first ones to rock a short do in my friend group, my friends often come to me for tips on how to maintain their new hair. I stick to a few tips that a good friend of mine taught me, and now I’m passing it on to you all.

Rocking short hair that looks horrible is a tragedy, but dawning a short, chic, polished look is sexy and sophisticated. Here are my never fail tips from start to finish.

  1. Once a week, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to allow your conditioner to sit in your for at least 10 minutes or deep condition under a dryer. I tend to use Mizani shampoo and conditioner. For my fine hair, it keeps it soft and voluminous.
  2. Once you have rinsed out the shampoo and conditioner, spray a considerable amount of leave in conditioner. The one that works best for me is Bed Head by Tigi.
  3. Next, apply a generous amount of foaming pommade or wrap and roll. You can never go wrong with Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pommade.
  4. Having short hair, you tend to have heat on your hair quite often, even if it is to just touch it up, so give your hair a break from the blow dryer and simply comb your hair down straight, preferably in the same direction you would style it in. Then gently brush it down to control any loose hairs.
  5. Grab a head scarf you don’t mind getting wet and tie your hair down tightly making sure every edge of your hair is covered.
  6. During this time, let it air dry. Do this before you go to sleep or do anything you wouldn’t have to leave the house for.
  7. By the time you wake up or about 4-5 hours later, your hair will be completely dry and perfectly matted into place.
  8. Depending on the length of your short-do, grab a one inch, or as I like to use, a ½ inch flat iron and style as you wish.
  9. For extra moisture, apply just a finger of hair grease to your scalp. The Nourish & Shine by Jane Carter Solution is great.
  10. Also ladies, don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair: flip it up, spike it, Shirley temple your bang, or gel it down. Your hair is a blank canvas just waiting for you to express yourself!
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