Skylar Grey: “I Think You Can Be Sexy Through Your Personality”


Skylar Grey dishes on how idea of sexy! VIBE caught up with the singer-songwriter to chat about everything from her time at Lollapalooza to her time away from the spotlight in isolation. One thing in particular that VIBE Vixen honed in on her love for comfortable fashion and her definition of true sexiness.

She says:

Fashion wise, I like to stay comfortable. I don’t think it’s sexy when girls where clothes that make them look like their boobs are going fall over or wear clothes with one butt cheek out. I think you can be sexy through your personality and for me the music I make and have that be the driving force behind your sexiness and fashion sense. For me it’s about being comfortable. Of course I love fashion, I love wearing cutting edge things on but, I don’t think it needs to be overly sex-i-fied.

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