Skylar Grey Talks Forthcoming Album “Invinsible,” Wants To Revolutionize Pop Music [Pg. 2]


After you had that breaking moment, do you feel like you’re in a different or renewed state?
I wrote “Love the Way You Lie” while I was up there, near the end of my trip. I was really happy for a long time. But now that I am in the music industry again, the same reasons I left, are creeping up again, so I need to escape to the wilderness and remind myself of the purpose of my existence. I really have to go and get my perspective that makes me happy or else I get lost in this world and it can be kind of depressing.

With penning Em’s song and being close to him, what do you think about Rolling Stone crowning Eminem the “King of Hip-Hop?”
Eminem is my favorite rapper, but I don’t know why you have to crown a “King of Hip-Hop.” There are a lot of good rappers out there. But he’s my favorite…

What are you favorite tracks from your upcoming debut album Invinsible?
My favorite song off the album is “Final Warning” because it’s a song that shows my newfound personality that I never had before. It’s put in a relationship setting but it’s more about the “You can’t fuck with me” type of feel that it has. It’s probably my favorite song off the album because of the beautiful way it sounds, but the lyrics that aren’t beautiful.

Are there any songs that particularly speak to love and relationships or women empowerment?
Not specifically to women, but there are empowering songs on there. There’s a song called “Weirdo” which is about accepting your flaws and actually realizing those are the things that make you unique and an individual. There’s a song called “Building A Monster” which kind of describes the journey I went on, dealing with liars and people in the world who made me feel like shit. Then “Invisible”, the first single, is not necessarily empowering, but when you listen to it, you’re not alone. We try so hard to look our best every day. I have line in there about taking pills to make me thin, dying my hair. I think that everyone in the world can relate to that on some level, feeling invisible. It’s very common to feel that way.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Tom York, because he’s really my favorite artist in the world. But, I would really love to work in the movie world. Somehow getting into music scores, but we’ll see. That’s my ultimate goal in 10 years to work on movie scores instead of recording albums.

Where would you want your legacy to be in the music industry? What would you want to be your impact?
The position I’m in right now, I have an opportunity to be a part of a revolution of changing pop music, because it has more depth and right now there are a lot of songs on the radio that don’t have a lot of death. There is more to life than sex and alcohol. I think that I’m in a position where people are willing to pay my music on the radio and it has more meaning. I hope it will open the doors for artists who have more depth in music. I want to be remembered as starting the revolution for pop music to have more depth again. You’re right, not just radio but pop culture and everything, authenticity and all that.

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