Soledad O’Brien Launches Foundation To Empower Women


August 12 marks the day that award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien and banker Brad Raymond will launch a promising foundation that is “dedicated to providing promising young women a bridge between obstacles and opportunities.” Kicking off the fundraising with “New Orleans in the Hamptons,” the event will highlight a live jazz concert featuring members of New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and evoke inspiring stories from young women in the hopes to gain more donors for the cause.

Through this event and foundation, the duo, with the help of Pharrell Williams, Cecily Tyson and Dick Parsons, will provide the resources that many young women don’t have access to. Over the years, O’Brien and Raymond have awarded scholarships from their personal funds to fifteen scholars and hope to award six more in 2012. The type of financial assistance goes a long way for young students striving to achieve under inadequate circumstances.

Powerful moves being made for the sake of bettering young women’s education and opportunity most certainly warrants a #VIXEN stamp.

To attend the event or support the cause, check here for more details!