Swedish Go H.A.M Over Man’s Atomic Experiment

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According to the Associated Press, Richard Handl of Sweden can face up to two years in prison after attempting to split atoms in the kitchen of his home.

Claiming he was only pursuing this as a hobby, Handl attempted to split atoms of radium, americium, and uranium over the stove. “I have always been interested in physics and chemistry,” the 31 year old told the news service.

During his process he gave detailed accounts of his experiment over an online blog he set up, but after his failed attempt to mix the 3 elements with sulphuric-acid, he wrote a query addressed to Sweden’s Radiation Authority. His question was answered with a police raid:

 “I was ordered by the police to get out of the building with my hands up, then three men came, with geiger-counters and searched me. So, my project is canceled,” he wrote on his blog.

The police refused to comment regarding Handl’s raid but, now risking facing criminal charges, the mad scientist admits, “From now on, I will stick to the theory.” –Tyler McDermott