The 6 Biggest Hair Removal Mistakes


Avoid stubble trouble and razor bumps and get sleek, flawless skin by avoiding these commonly made mistakes for hair removal.

Not Exfoliating
Exfoliating is the greatest defense against ingrown hairs — no matter what method of hair removal you choose. Already suffering? Exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub. Use a daily body lotion with alpha hydroxy acid to prevent them from developing after shaving.

Shaving First Thing In The Morning
Sure you want to save time, but shaving at the end of a morning shower saves doesn’t allow for the smoothest shave. Your legs swell slightly, as you sleep, which can hide a portion of the hairs. Try shaving in the evening, you’ll get a closer finish.

Shaving With A Dull Blade
Perhaps the biggest mistake of them all is letting your razor sit for days, weeks, even months. Let’s just be honest ladies. We tend to forget to replace our blades which leave us feeling prickly. Buy your razors in bulk, use it three times and toss it. Not only will you get a cleaner shave, you’re also prevented from day-after red bumps.

Waxing Too Frequently
If you’re tempted to head straight to the spa—or worse, grab the razor—at the first sight of stubble, fight the urge. You should wait at least four weeks in between waxing sessions so the wax has enough hair to grab.

Waxing At The Wrong Time Of The Month
No matter your tolerance level for pain, waxing during your cycle can cause great deal of soreness. Yes, even moreso than those deadly cramps, back aches and tender breasts. It’s best to wax mid-cycle, right around the time you’re ovulating.

Skipping Shaving Cream
No matter how much of a rush you’re in, whatever you do, do not dry shave or opt for using bar soap. Shaving cream helps prevent irritation from a razor blade and it removes more hair. For the best results, Apply it against the grain of hair growth so that each individual hair stands up.

What mistakes have you made during hair removal? Any tips for a cleaner shave?