The Bad Bitch Epidemic


Mayday! Mayday! A highly contagious form of self-degradation has been infecting our community of black women! A vaccine to the virus known as “The Bad Bitch Epidemic” must be distributed immediately!

Since when has the highest form of compliment turned into a phrase built from the combination of two words that are grossly connotative? The phrase I most often hear is, “You’s a BADD bitch!” Am I the only one that doesn’t find this to be a compliment?

Although, we succumb ourselves to the intoxicating tunes of artists such as Nicki Minaj with repetitive lines such as, “I’m a bad bitch. I’m a, I’m a bad bitch”, or one of Chris Brown’s opening lines in “My Last”, “I just want the baddest bitch in the world, right here on my lap,” is this really a term we want to define our beauty as?

We are women of color: Powerful, uniquely beautiful, stylish, confidant, and our hips have a persuasion like no other. We wont let a random dude in the street call us a bitch and get away with it, so why does putting the word “bad” in front of it make it any different?

Unlike a lot of other negative terms aimed at us women, this is not what we are being called solely by our sometimes ignoramus opposite sex. This is something we call ourselves. The hypocrisy lies in our court, because historically we have been the ones to criticize hip-hop for demeaning us as women, dating back to the early 90’s when civil rights activist Delores Tucker protested against Tupac’s nomination for the NAACP Image Award due to his misogynistic lyrics. When did we stop fighting this battle and accept defeat as if we never had a cause at all?

Yes, I am too a young Black woman that wants to celebrate my beauty while simultaneously rebelling against what society wants me to be, but there is much power in the terms we define ourselves by and as a community we should take responsibility for that.

To some, I am making a big deal out of another slang term, developed out of hip-hop culture,  that is destined to fade in a couple years. But, just do me a favor ladies, before you get dolled up and as Swiss would say, “Hair done, nails done, everything did,” and want to call yourself, “A Bad Bitch” when you are most proud of your physical appearance, think about what some of your role models would refer to themselves as in that same situation. Would Michelle Obama in her inauguration gown say, “I’m a Bad Bitch!”? Would Oprah ever refer to herself as a “Bad Bitch” while saying her last words on her series finale? What about your mother? Your grandmother? Is that something you want your daughter to say about herself?

Yes, it just two words, but believe me, the message behind those two words is pushing our progression back by decades.

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