The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


Finding the perfect shades to flatter your face is no day at the beach. We’ve all loved a pair of sunglasses on someone else but realized that you couldn’t quite pull off the look. Just like shopping for clothes, picking a pair of sunnies that compliment your features is just as important. The best way to determine the shape of your face is to look in the mirror and outline the shape of your face with a bar of soap or lip pencil.

Once you’ve identified the shape, use the tips below as inspiration for the perfect frame for your face.

Oblong shaped shades are best if you have elongated face. A double frame draws the eye upward, creating width at the temple. You can also try frames that have a soft round edge.

Aviators are your best friend if you have high, prominent cheekbones, wide forehead and a defined jaw. Soften your angular curves with these square-shaped sunnies.

Have a round face? Not to worry, ombre shades appear to narrow at the bottom, contouring a round face. Rectangle shaped sunglasses also help to offset roundess.

Channel your inner vixen with a hot pair of cat-eyed sunglasses. The curved frame softens your jawline and adds a nice touch of femininity. Rimless or butterfly sunnies are another option.

What is your favorite type of sunglasses? Do you go for color or opt for traditional black?