The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Fashion


Even though the promise of cooler weather is just around the corner, we are still feeling summer’s wrath. With all the trendy options available for summer, enjoying these hot, sticky months can prove to be tricky. Not to worry, we have the basic fashion do’s and don’ts to get you through the next couple of months.

DON’T- Carry The Same Over-sized Winter Bag. We all love a purse that can carry our makeup bag, a spare outfit and shoes to match but the huge bottomless bags of the last few seasons are slowly fading away. Simplify and try a smaller bag with a convertible strap that can go from a handbag to a shoulder bag instantly.

DO – Try Patterns and Color - Bright colors have been a trend alert for quite some time. Try pairing a bright electric blue top with a pair of tailored black shorts. Opt for the colorful, patterned dress over the solid color.

DON’T- Colorful Underwear While Wearing White – It’s especially important to wear the appropriate color underwear during the summer. Embrace your white rompers, dresses and cute shorts. Just remember to wear flesh-toned underwear underneath. Please.

DO – Dress For Your Body Type – Perhaps one of the biggest fashion tips, no matter what your body type is, always dress to flatter it. Trust us, it’s always better to look your best rather than coming off as trying too hard. If you just have to incorporate a certain trend in your wardrobe, try adapting it in a way that flatters your body type.

DON’T – Wear Uggs – We’re all for mixing up pieces from different seasons but we can’t get down with wearing Uggs with shorts and minis. It is in no way fashionable. Uggs have no place in summer.

DON’T – Wear Short Shorts (Daisy Dukes) – Call ‘em whatever you want but ladies, if the curvature of your cheeks hang out, they are entirely too short. Fashionably chic was never meant to be confused with slutty.

DO- Try A One-Piece. The one-piece has come full circle. There are now so many adorable and even sexy versions available that there is one for everyone. There are plenty of scant suits with various cut outs or the more classic ruffled looks reminiscent of the 1950’s.

What fashion do’s and don’ts would you add to the list?