Tips To Get Your Legs Pool-Side Friendly


We’re well into Summer but there is still plenty of time to get swim-suit ready. With the promise of warm weather and tons of sun, these hot months are perfect for raising the hemline and rocking bare legs. Even in all of its relaxation and fun, the summer season can prove to be intimidating for some. Below are tips for getting legs that are pool-side friendly.

As one of the best go-to exercises when it comes to toning and strengthening your legs, lunges allow you to work on each leg separately (just make sure to spend equal time on both sides). To perform this exercise:

  • Have both feet parallel facing forward and step forward using your right leg.
  • Bend your right knee to the floor and make sure your knees are in line with your hips and ankles.
  • Do not touch your left knee to the ground or extend too far.
  • Repeat by switching legs.
  • Do two sets of 12 on each leg.
  • The Importance of Drinking Water
    One of the biggest concerns many of us have when showing off our legs tends to circle around the unwanted appearance of cellulite. A sure fire way to diminish dimpling is water! Water not only helps to hydrate the skin, it also helps to improve muscle tone.

    Stay Limber
    Yoga and Pliates do wonders for your legs and are perfect for targeting a specific muscle group. When it comes to this particular exercise, less is more in terms of the number of repetitions. Focus on your inner and outer thigh muscles by lying down on your side in a straight line, place your left leg on top of your right leg and gently lift your right leg up off the floor while holding on to your left ankle. Hold this position for a few seconds and perform about ten repetitions on each leg.

    Touchable Legs
    The simplest ways to make your legs look better? Moisturize twice a day. Usually in the morning while skin is still damp from the shower and before you go to bed at night. This increases elasticity and collagen.

    What do you tricks, tips or exercises do your use for gleaming summer gams?

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