Top 4 Most Annoying Text Message Cop-Outs


From Hello Beautiful — As text messaging slowly takes the place of face-to-face conversations, I’ve noticed how easy it has become to avoid actual confrontation. You can express how you’re feeling using a few simple keyboard symbols and the rest is up to your imagination.

The other morning my friend woke up and decided she was too hungover to go to work. I told her that she better think of a good excuse, call her boss, and follow up with an apologetic email. Within 2 minutes, she said her problem was solved and I didn’t hear her say one word. As it turns out, she text messaged her boss saying that she wouldn’t be in that day. That’s when I knew that text messaging cop outs are getting out of hand.

I’ve never been a huge texter. While it’s definitely convenient to confirm plans at the click of a few buttons, I prefer phone and email conversations over constant texting (it might also be because I am awful at using my new touch screen phone). I did a little investigating and found out what people around the office consider to be the most annoying text message cop outs.

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