The Top 5 Opening Quotes From Jersey Shore’s Season 4

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Grab your guidos, grab your guidettes because it’s T-SHIRT TIME!! Last night, MTV premiered the first episode of the fourth season in their very popular Jersey Shore series.

Giving viewers a little taste of how our spray-tanned protagonists will adapt to Italian culture in the show’s first hour, we can only expect a lot of twists and turns as the season continues on. But, what’s a good end without a good beginning. First impressions are of course important, and in the first seven minutes, each cast member managed to offer up their own illustrious take on their excitement surrounding their Italian excursion. Take a look below at which cast member’s choice of words managed to crack our top five on the most surprising list:

“When I get to Italy, it’s going to be an international panty raid.”DJ Pauly D

“In Italy, I’m expecting to take a guy home and not do sex…Maybe sex later.”Deena

 “I don’t know where Italy is on the map but, I know it’s shaped like a boot” - Snooki

“European girls are more free-spirited and I’m excited to find out” Mike the Situation

“J-Wow and her boobies are going to Italy. I will be surprised if I saw a gorilla.” – J-Wow

Judging by the sophisticated statements made above, it looks like fans have a lot to look forward to this season. In the meantime, let us know if you see that gorilla J-Wow is looking for. -Tyler McDermott