Toya And Memphitz Become The Faces Of Ampro Pro Styl


Newlyweds Toya Wright and Memphitz just inked a deal with Ampro Styling to become the faces of the company’s styling gel product, Ampro Pro Styl. The couple will be featured in a global advertising, and it looks like the venture will be shown on Toya’s reality show A Family Affair. President of Ampro Industries Jack Sammons explains why he grabbed the new duo for their products:

“At Ampro, we are impressed with Toya’s efforts to improve her life and the lives of those around her as documented on her reality television show, ‘Toya: A Family Affair,’ and in her inspiring book, Priceless Inspirations. Similarly, we are proud of MeMpHiTz’ achievements. He’s a homegrown Memphis favorite who has become a success in the music industry with both Jive Records & his own imprints Hitz Committee and Do Work Enterprises.  We feel the path he has taken in his career is one which should be a model for young artists and encouraged on a national level.”

While Toya and Memphitz will be posing for ads and kicking out promo, the dual deal commits Ampro to give back to the two’s local communities.

Do you think this is a good look for them?