Toya Wright Uses Ampro Pro Styl Products On Natural Hair


Toya Wright is enjoying her new deal as the face of Ampro Pro Styl. She and new hubby Memphitz landed the endorsement deal earlier this month soon after their June wedding. The reality star tells all about why she loves the products and how she incorporates them into her natural hair maintenance regime.

“I’m big on my edges. My hair is naturally curly and I’m all natural, so when my hair is pressed, I love to use Ampro Shine ‘n Jam Conditioning Gel. It has extra hold and it doesn’t make your hair flake up or anything. It’s not greasy and it’s a very light product.”

She also details how she applies the product:

“I use the itty-bitty brush and the rat tail comb to smooth my edges.”

Toya’s hair usually looks good, so whatever she’s doing, she should keep it up.

Would you use these products on your natural tresses?