Trina Plays “Filled with Choices”


I love when I can unwind with a friend and just keep it real. If anybody knows how to do that better than me, it’s rap sensation Trina. I recently had a chance to talk with The Diamond Princess and play a lil game of Filled with Choices.

It’s a game, created by me, where I sit down with a celebrity and give them options, and they pick only one of the two choices I call out… Pretty interesting, huh?

It was plenty of fun picking Trina’s brain. Who knew she had a weakness for Watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers? Yes, you can easily find that on her ‘diva list’ of demands.

With Trina’s music, you don’t have to choose between rap and country. So I sat down and asked the rap Vixen to make a few harder decisions… Check it out!