True Blood Recap: Witches Be Winning, Eric x Sookie Budussy For Days

Eric and Sookie Lovin

Eric and Sookie have been going at it like rabbits ever since Antonia erased his memory, but it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out when/if he ever regains knowledge of who he really is. The series is loosley based on the book so you never know what to that shower scene. Did you see it? That was actually taken from the book and if they keep doing that then Sookie and Eric might actually work out as a couple as Sookie Stackhouse novel fans know that the pair actually married. But the show is so edgy and unexpected so we'll have to wait and see about that. 


It's about time we met a foe formidable enough to punk the vampires. The show would be nothing without the vamps but Antonia's power is exhilirating and last night, it got ugly. The witches and fangers faced off in what was supposed to be Bill's way of tricking Antonia into creating a peace treaty but she's not that stupid. A fight broke out amongst both sides only to end with Sookie's meddlesome part-fairy-but-can't-control-her-powers behind near death Eric on his knees being owned by the baddest witch that you've seen thus far. It's only a matter of time before she turns on everyone.

Jessica and Hoyt

Jessica broke up with Hoyt and tried to get with his best friend, Jason Stackhouse. It didn't work out so well with either men. They were both furious and rescinded their invitations to their respective homes. But some how, we get the feeling that while Jason is resisting right now, those dreams will eventually get to him and, well, we know how he gets down.

Ghost Of Creoles Past

The creole ghost who has been stalking Arlene's baby is getting out of control. We're finally starting to figure out what the baby's creepyness is all about but this storyline needs to speed up already. We get it, she lost a baby in her lifetime and decided to haunt some poor unsuspecting family so that she can reclaim what she rightfully believes is hers. Said ghost stooped to a new level by possessing Lafayette, whom she seems to be using to kidnap the child. We're guessing that Lafayette come to before actually getting far with the baby. Not only that but he's probably the key to getting rid of the creole ghost but also defeating Antonia. With great power know the rest.

What do you think about the season so far? What are you predictions?

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The beloved comic famously made a music video entitled "Piss On You" mocking the real-life video of R. Kelly urinating on an underage girl. During the Chappelle Show heyday, he used R.Kelly's legal woes as material for years.

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High Life originally premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival in Sept. 2018. It received positive reviews from numerous film critics.

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