Try This! Creative Ways to Organize Your Accessories


Every fashionista knows an outfit is not complete without the right accessories, and there is nothing more annoying that missing earrings and tangled necklaces. Sometimes we get caught up collecting bangles and bracelets, that we run out ways to keep our findings recognizable, leaving many of us to repeat the same accessories over and over again, or struggling to find the piece that would make our days ensemble perfect. Well you are in luck. Here are five simple and chic ways that you can store your accessories and spruce up your jewelry box. -Leonisa Johnson

Simple is Simple!
Organizing your accessories is as simple as tacking some push pins on your wall. By adding the pins to your wall you are then able to hang your necklaces and earrings in any fashion you choose. If you don’t want to damage your walls, you can gain this same effect by using crochet grids, from a craft store. These are perfect for storing and organizing larger hoops and more decorative and elaborate earrings.