Tyler, The Creator Clarifies Talks Of Signing To Pharrell’s Label


By now, the bond shared between OFWGKTA’s Tyler, the Creator and Neptunes/N.E.R.D. front man Pharrell Williams is no fresh news. Tyler sees Pharrell as a music producer god, while Pharrell has had nothing but positive things to say about Ty and the rest of the Odd Future crew.

“They’re not getting the recognition in the mainstream media,” Pharrell was quoted saying, “but in the digital world they dominate – the 16-, 17-, 18-year-old virtuosos all over the world coming out of nowhere and just taking stake in their position.”

And there sparks the speculation. Earlier today, rapid rumors hit the net that the Odd Future constituent signed to Pharrell Williams’ label titled ‘i am Other.’ Rap Basement reported: “According to multiple sources, Pharrell Williams has signed Odd Future’s leader Tyler, The Creator to his ‘i am Other’ imprint, along with other artists including Cris Cab and Maxine Ashley.”

But it appears that the rumors were just that – rumors. According to XXL, Tyler in fact did not sign with Pharrell, and is actually in the process of starting his own label with Odd Future under Sony Red.

“Why The Fuck Would I Sign With Someone Else When I Am The Fucking Boss Ceo Whatever Of My Own Shit,” he said via Twitter. “Even Tho Pharrell Is The Coolest of All Fucking Time Ever To Me, I Got My Own Shit.”

Yeah, we’re a little disappointed, too. But we also can’t help but hope more collaborations post-“Trouble On My Mind” happen. After all, Tyler fits the mold perfectly. —Stephanie Long