UPDATE: Lockdown At Virginia Tech Ends, No Gunman Found

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Earlier today, we reported Virginia Tech was on lockdown after three campers spotted a man who looked as if he was carrying a gun underneath a cloth outside of an on-campus dining facility. However, as of 30 minutes ago, the lockdown has been lifted without any suspects.

After calling the lockdown this morning, police issued a sketch of a man they believed was at bay, but after searching for five hours, they decided to lift the lockdown, deeming the campus safe, yet urging people to remain vigilant:

“The campus alert is lifted. There will continue to be a large police presence on campus today. Police have not received nor discovered additional information about a person possibly carrying a weapon beyond that reported this morning. The university community may resume normal campus activity,” the university’s website stated.

Though elated to have not found a suspect, the university still remains alert due to being known as the site of the worst school shooting in US history back in 2007:

“These kinds of situations are frightening regardless. When it’s happening as it is now at Virginia Tech, we’re reminded of the horrible and tragic event there in 2007,” White House spokesperson Jay Carney stated after receiving word of the lockdown earlier today. -Tyler McDermott

Source: The Montreal Gazette