V Exclusive: Don Cheadle Calls New Comedy The Guard 'Equal Opportunity Slander'

As movie screenplays go, fish-out-of-water stories are par-for-the-course in Hollywood. But what happens when the go-to premise dives into brazenly shocking uncharted territory? You get a film such as The Guard, a dark comedy set in rural Connemara, Ireland that sidesteps the usual character stereotypes to create arguably this year’s most laugh-inducing big screen statement. The critically-acclaimed flick—which opened to limited theater release on July 29—is propelled by the unlikely partnership of an upper class, Ivy League trained African-American F.B.I. agent (Don Cheadle) and a foul-mouthed, hooker-chasing, pill popping, unscrupulous Irish cop (Brendan Gleeson), who join up to stop a dangerous drug ring.

Throughout The Guard, Gleeson’s Gerry Boyle takes glee in getting under the skin of Cheadle’s Wendell Everett with such jaw-dropping lines as "Did you grow up in the projects?" and "I thought black people couldn't ski. Or is that swimming?” For Cheadle, the line-crossing barbs (his character has a somewhat pompous, arrogant view of the quick-witted Boyle and his fellow Irish brethren) gives the movie plenty of sparks.

“Everybody gets it in the story,” Cheadle tells VIBE. “It’s equal opportunity slander [laughs]. Every character has their own sort of bias. To me, Boyle was the least prejudice person in the flick. He’s clearly saying the things that he is saying to get a rise out of the people that are around him. He’s smarter than everyone else; he’s literate; he’s a cinephile; he knows what’s up. I just laugh at hearing those kinds of things and thinking of John (Guard writer/director John Michael McDonagh) actually putting those things down on paper. And Brendan was easy to work with…he’s such a talent.”

For Gleeson, when he was offered the chance to work with the Iron Man 2 star he jumped at the opportunity. “They told me they were going after Don and I said this will be just made in heaven,” he says of the Oscar nominated actor.” Just from Don’s work, I kind of knew before I even met him that I was going to love him because his work, kind of in an odd way, reveals who he is in a beautiful way.”

McDonagh believes the unconventional characters in The Guard allowed Cheadle and Gleeson to flourish on the screen. “Once you have the plot [involving] drug dealers, you have a cantankerous, confrontational character and then it would be, well who would [Boyle] upset the most? Well, that would be an American, right? Then an American F.B.I. agent. Then a black American F.B.I.  agent. But then I thought, well do I keep going? Is it a gay, black American F.B.I. agent? [laughs] I think that was enough there. So let’s work with what we got.”

“I was glad that somebody actually took some of those taboos on and just put it out there in a way to make it [funny],” adds Cheadle. “People talk like that all the time.”

Cheadle, who recently signed a production deal with Showtime via his company Crescendo Productions, is set to star in the cable network comedy House of Lies, due up early 2012.—Keith Murphy



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"Who had the biggest comeback?!" Tyga tweeted, referencing Soulja Boy's previous comments. The caption was attached to a side-by-side comparison of Tyga and Soulja's streaming numbers from 2018. The receipts showed that Tyga earned 884 million streams from 58 million fans, while Soulja had only 98 million streams from 16 million streams.

Who had the biggest comeback?! 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/bWS2mMZ5B4

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— Soulja Boy (Young Drako) 💲🔌🔫 (@souljaboy) January 17, 2019

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DAWN is back with a sexy single off her forthcoming project, New Breed. "Sauce" is a sonic ode to pleasing all her hedonistic sexual desires after a long work week. Lyrically, the song is filled with suggestive lines and clever double-entendres that are far from coy when describing what she wants in the sack.

Just as much as “Sauce” is about sex, it’s also about basking in self-pleasure that comes after genuine self-love. In a statement published by Stereogum, the former Danity Kane member described the message behind the song:

“‘Sauce" is about women taking pride in their prowess, and about being raised to celebrate my skin,” DAWN said. “I lost focus of that when so many men degraded and disrespected my brown skin. ‘Sauce’ is about being bathed in your own beauty, being sexy for you. The new breed of women are unapologetic about sex and the way they choosing to express themselves.”

DAWN recently joined Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex of Danity Kane for the DK3 reunion tour across the U.S. In an interview with Billboard, the Louisiana native revealed she wants to give fans more of her authentic self on New Breed.

“This album is my relationship with New Orleans, me as a woman, and how being from New Orleans has created a person in me that acts and sees things a certain way. "'Jealousy'" is a prime example of that,” she said. “I just want to give you the girl from the 9th Ward that you guys only met once on [MTV's] Making The Band.”

Listen to "Sauce" below. New Breed drops on Jan, 25.

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