V Exclusive: Meek Mill Says He’s Holding ‘Ima Boss’ Remix For T.I. + ‘Self Made, Vol. 2′ Out Before 2012


Looks like Meek Mill is ready to assist a newly freed T.I. with his first comeback look. The Maybach Music Group soldier says he would love to have the uncaged king knock out a verse on the remix to the summer anthem “I’ma Boss.”

 “If I hold the ‘I’ma Boss’ remix long enough I might throw Tip on that. have him get out to the hottest song of the year,” he told VIBE a few weeks before Tip’s release. “He ain’t have no problem looking out for me and I don’t have no problem doing it for him.” 

In 2008, rumors sprung up that T.I. had signed Meek to his label Grand Hustle, but the cosign never amounted to an ink stain. Although it’s unclear as to why the deal never materialized, Meek says he still salutes the Atlanta giant. 

“I talked to Tip even when I was with Maybach, he already know my mind frame because me and Tip ended up becoming good friends later on down the line just hanging out with each other,” he explains.

“We were going through the same type of stuff,  had the same type of cases and it’s like, we just ended up talking and building all the time, we didn’t even end up rapping like that together.”

As far as what’s going on with his own four-man squad, Mister Mill says to expect a follow-up to Self Made, Vol. 1 before the new year. “We’re just going in [with Vol. 2] how we did the last one, easy man. It ain’t nothing to me.”

But don’t think Meek is procrastinating on his own solo debut. “I’ve been in the studio, I’m always recording. Certain songs you be like, OK, I’m gonna save this for the album,” he says.

“My album’s going to be different because I got a different approach. Maybach Music is a group thing. My album is just me. it’s going to be my feelings, it’s going to be about me, about my life, over the whole CD.” —Tracy Garraud with additional reporting from John Kennedy