V Exclusive: Soulja Boy Talks New Mixtape, Movies, Jet Rumors And Relationship Status [PG.2]


Looking back in hindsight, do you kind of regret it or was that just a chapter in your life?

I don’t regret it. I’m not mad at myself for having it. I just look at it like, that was a point in my life where I was growing up. It was in the moment when I got it. Now I think differently. I feel like I don’t really need it on my face. I have a lot of stuff to do.

You haven’t let up on the mixtape scene. You just did a joint with French Montana and Two Chains. How that come about?

Thanks, I appreciate that. French reached out to me. Chains, that’s the homie from the A. And lowkey, that’s that dude from the South that you gotta look out for. Other than that, yeah man, the mixtape game crazt. I just released and matter of fact I’m letting yall know I’m got another mixtape coming called The Last Crown. It’s on another level. My fans need to about his.


Yeah. The Last Crown It’s releasing on September 1st. It’s going to be dope. You can say I told y’all first.

It’s got a real interesting title. Are you kind of saying you’re the last king?

Yeah, I mean this mixtape man, I’m taking it to the last level. LIke with the Juice mixtape I did a lot of shit. But with The Last Crown I’m giving them in depth and deeper stuff. I need you to listen to the tape and let me know what yall think of it

It’s sounds more like an album. Is it all or do you have guest features on that one coming up?

I mean, people probably is gonna put it in that classification but I don’t think that you can put it in that category because it’s really just music for the moment that I’m feeling. It’s all about that production and my lyrics. I feel like I don’t have to talk to people because my next album is crazy already.

Well, speaking of royalty there’s been a lot of big releases. Jay Z and Kanye just put on Watch The Throne. Did you get a chance to check that out?

Yeah man, I checked that out.

Do you think it’s an instant classic like everybody’s saying?

I mean, yeah, the album is dope. It’s a classic because it’s Kanye collaborating with Jay Z. Anybody collaborating with Jay Z, it’s going to be on that next level. That was real dope. 2011, Jay still goi’n hard and he got his artist behind him so it’s inspirational. That’s something I want to do with my artists one day. I want to be on the level of Jay Z and have my artist with me to do an album together. So, much respect. I like the album.

Is there any chance in the future we can see Soulja Boy doing a collab album with another artist, like Waka or if you and Lil B did an album; could you see something like that happening?

Um. For sure. For the people that ain’t know, me and Lil B did the Pretty Boy Millioniares mixtape. That was real big for our crowd.

Is there any other features you did recently that you could let us in on? Any big collabos you got in the works?

I’m a give yall the scoop. I just released a song called “Swag Daddy” with Tyga. I don’t know if yall heard it or not but it’s insane. We just shot video in Las Vegas on Monday. It’s going to be crazy. Ain’t nobody heard this. I ain’t saying no more.

We were all blown away when we saw that TMZ story about you buying private plane for your birthday. What happened? What was that all about?

[Laughs] Basically, it was just a rumor. It was just showing you how the media exaggerates on some stories. It was funny to me.They do their thing. Everybody makes mistakes. I didn’t get a private plane. I can if I want to! Shit, I’m not though. I got stuff that I’m trying to do first.

Seems like you’re more interested in making your money last and not just being like MC Hammer or someone…

Yeah, I’m trying to build an empire man.

One last thing, a lot of your female fans, even the interns around the office want to know how your relationship is going with Diamond. Everything cool?

Ahhhh. VIBE’s gona have all the exclusives. Me and Diamond–she’s a good person, she’s a good friend. But I ain’t with nobody. I wish her the best with everything she got goin on.

Anything else at all you want to say to VIBE and all your fans before we wrap up?

Twitter.com/SouljaBoy. Getting ready to put out my next album. I’m 21 now, swag!

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