V Exclusive: Soulja Boy Talks Rock Collabo ‘I’m A Goner,’ New Mixtape, Jet Rumors And Relationship Status


Just hours after Soulja Boy’s unexpected collaboration with rock acts Andrew W.K. and duo Matt & Kim hit the Web, VIBE wrangled the young Internet sensation on the cell for another chat through the ringer. Read on as Soulja opens up about his latest musical endeavors, movie projects, private jet rumors and his romance with Diamond.

VIBE: Soulja, good to hear from you again. How’s it going man?

Soulja Boy: Shouts to VIBE, love yall. I’m in California right now. I have a show in LA a little bit later.

We just heard this track you did with Andrew W.K. and Matt & Kim. Did you have any hesitations about working with these weirdo rockers?

That record, “I’m A Goner,” right there is crazy, yo. We were in the studio working one day and Converse reached out to me about doing a record for them. So we met up with Matt & Kim and Andrew WK in New York and we came up with a hit. I just knew it had to be something catchy and basically that’s what I told them. I just wanted to bring rock, hip-hop together.

Are you guys planning on doing a video for it?

Yeah man we actually shot the music video in New Jersey, a couple days back. It was crazy man. It’s going to be art. It’s one of my most different music videos. It’s going to be premiering on MTV, so everybody check it out–August 21.

You’re also working on a documentary?

Yeah man, basically, Soulja Boy, the movie project. It’s going to be released October 18th and I’m just going to go back to the last three years of my career and it’s going to be dope man. Something I put together with my fans.

Is this movie kind going to tell your story from the beginning until all the way up to now in detail?

Yup, when I was born in Chicago, Illinois, from  school, to the Internet rise, all I did on YouTube, and all the records. Just the whole movement without radio-play, signing with Interscrope Records. Everything. My whole life. Ups and downs, bad times. It’s going to be dope man. It’s for my fans.

I feel like you had some form of camera on you during your whole career. You ever think about that?

It’s crazy. When I first started off doing it, I was bored. It was just something to do. I was just getting out of high school. I started it, I look back the last three years at the stuff documented online. It’s like even from the stuff I did with VIBE to the worst. They catch me on camera saying all kinds of stuff…it’s crazy how they do it. Crazy how stuff hits directly online and it’s just going to be there forever.

Do you ever feel like you just want the cameras to stop?

You always come to that point where you need a little privacy. I needed time to grow up. It’s just like after you have that time for yourself, you come back and it’s like it’s better to have that time away from it.

Just like everybody else. You need breaks sometimes to step away from it?


So are you still working on the Juice movie ? Last time we spoke you were really really going for it.

I finished the juice movie. I finished the demo for it. That’s going to be released in 2012 along with another movie I’m in. I really just wanted to take a crack at the acting thing for a little bit.

We’ve also noticed that you’ve taken off some of your face tattoos, does that have to do with you trying to break into Hollywood acting roles or dif. reasons?

Um, I mean, yeah man it’s just like me just reflecting back and looking at it like even when I got them when I first seen the myself in the mirror, it was a little crazy. It was for various reasons, not just one. I took it upon myself. Nobody made me do it. I felt like I didn’t need them on my face anymore.

Looking back in hindsight, do you kind of regret it or was that just a chapter in your life?