V Exclusive: Yankees CC Sabathia Talks ‘Field Of Dreams,’ Real Life Fantasy Baseball Campaign


New York Yankees ace pitcher CC Sabathia knows his baseball. Besides hurling 90+ mph fastballs, the Cy Young winner is a spokesman for Pepsi MAX, which is giving fans a chance to vote for an 11-man Field of Dreams team of baseball legends (you choose from three players at each position, including Hall of Famers like Rickey Henderson, Rod Carew, Dave Winfield and Eddie Murray). One lucky winner and his friends—to be announced just before MLB’s playoffs—will get to actually play against his dream team picks in real life next year. VIBE caught up with CC (short for Carsten Charles) for a quick minute at MLB’s Fan Cave in NYC to discuss who would make his personal squad of all time great baseball players, as well as his penchant for fresh sneakers, ahem…cleats. —Alvin Blanco

VIBE: Who would be your top three picks for this baseball dream team?

Sabathia: Reggie Jackson…let me see that list…I would definitely pick Reggie, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson. Ken Griffey, Jr. was my favorite player growing up. Ya know, growing up in the Bay and him being on the West coast being able to watch him all the time. He was just a great player. One of the best players of my generation that I watched coming up, so he would be at the top of my list.

Are there any players on this list that you dreamed of facing as a pitcher?

All these guys; Junior, Rickey Henderson, Tony Gwynn, and I got a chance to face Edgar Martinez [and] Harold Baines. It was pretty cool.

You played basketball in high-school, were you any good?

I was pretty good. I got some D2 offers. We had a really good team so they could just kind of hide me. I played power forward. We had a seven-foot center.

Did you know baseball was going to be your main sport?

I played football in high-school too and didn’t really no until I got drafted my senior year what I was gonna do. But baseball always came easiest to me.

With each year you get closer in accolades to the players on this list, do you think about that?

Oh I’m not close to these guys! I mean that’s an unbelievable list. Hopefully I can be there one day. I still feel like I got a long way to go.

You got the ill Jordan Brand cleats…

I’m always trying to create different cleats in my head and different stuff that I would want to wear in some of these bigger games. Like the 11s are my favorites, and I got the Space Jams on the road. I’ma keep switching up and keep fresh. The 11s are by far my favorite. Those are my go-to.